Dino Game | Chrome Dinosaur Game

Dino Game is a popular running game known for its simplicity and addictive gameplay. Enjoy seeing Dino Run and avoid obstacles that comes on your way.

In this game, you can’t go far than 99999 score because it automatically resets to 0. All you have to control the black dinosaur.

Sebastian Gabriel developed Dino Game in 2014 and it is originally created for Chrome users. This game is generally known as No Internet Game but you will be happy to know that you can enjoy this game online as well.

Dino Game

There are no complex mechanisms used in this game and you can fully control the dinosaur (Lonely T-Rex) single handedly. You just need to focus on the screen and jump over the obstacles.

I am playing this game for a long time but have not been able to score more than 10000. Don’t worry if you are a passionate player of the Dino Run Game then you will definitely reach the 99999 mark.

How to Play Dino Game?

The black dinosaur will immediately appear on your screen when you hit the Play Button. It means you are ready to go. Just press the spacebar key and start achieving new records. The gameplay is all about the survival of the black dinosaur which ultimately results in high scores.

Playing this game on your mobile and PC is quite simple. You only need to use the right control buttons on time. One mistake and you have to start from 0.

As you score high Dino Run faster so be careful with the obstacles. Avoid Jumping over the birds which are flying over dinosaur height. If you want to access this game in one click then bookmark https://dinogame.online/ on your default browser.


  • Click on the Play Button to Start the game.
  • Press Space Bar or Left Mouse key to jump.
  • Use the Down Arrow Key to duck and protect your dinosaur from High Flying birds.

Tips to Score High in Dino Game

This game is all about avoiding obstacles and passing flying birds. So you have to be more focused on mastering the controls and it can be done only with practice. Always try different strategies to tackle multiple obstacles at a time. Dino Game is definitely going to test your eyes and hand coordination. The better it is the more you score.

More About the Dino Game

Google UX Developers Alan Bettes, Sebastien Gabriel, and Edward Jung are the creators of this game. The developers had a lot of design options in mind for the game but they kept it simple.

At the end of the day, the leaderboard gets updated automatically with the top scorers’ names.

There are millions of Chrome Dinosaur Offline Game players in the world and it is played more than 200 million times in a year.

Chrome Dino Run was officially released in 2014 and became popular in the same year.

What Are the Other Names of Dino Game?

This game is popular with many other names. These are mentioned below:

  • Dino Run
  • Chrome Dinosaur Game
  • No Internet Game
  • Dino Chrome


How to get more than 1 life in Dino game?

There is no official way to get more chances in the game. This game is highly concerned about the fair play policy.

What happens when I reach 99999 in Dino Run Game?

When you touch the 99999 mark then the game automatically resets itself and starts from 0 but with high difficulty.

What is the highest Dino Game Score?

The highest Chrome Dinosaur Game score is 37852.

Can I customize the Game Controls?

No, you cannot customize this game’s controls. These controls are valid for worldwide players and nobody can change them.

Why Should I play this game on Dinogame.online?

There are many reasons to play Dino Game on this website as it provides the best User Interface, Great Control System and Lightening Fast Game Loading.

Is there a secret ending to the Dinosaur Game?

There is no end in the Dino game. When you achieve the maximum score i.e, 99999 the game resets immediately and start with 0.

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